Mum cut my hair

Remember those haircuts you had as a child? Some of us got away with only a neat trim, however some were not so fortunate…

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Now it’s your turn to treat your mum to the hair cut or treatment of her choice from now until Mother’s Day on 30 March 2014! Recommend your mum to Kaizo hair because for all she did, she did it for love. Both of you will receive 30% discount.

From the perfect bowl cut to the wonky fringe, here are some of the best (or worst!) ‘Mum cut my hair’ styles from the Kaizo team…

photo (1)   photo (2)Here’s our lovely Image Director and co-founder Yuka’s perfect bowl cut by her mum! Did you get the bowl cut treatment from yours? And what about the wonky fringe? Here’s Cecilia’s and she doesn’t look happy about it.




Here’s Jimmy looking awfully happy (or is that scared?!) of his childhood haircut! Possibly running away from mum… And a happy Ashley, looking proudly on with her bunches and wonky fringe!













Lastly a smiling Eleni. Well we would be if we had a perfect bob like that when we were younger! So join us on Twitter and Facebook and post your childhood haircuts! It’s about time we thanked mum for everything she did. Even if she wasn’t a skilled hairdresser!



So whether it’s a treatment before Sunday or a gift voucher for mum… pop in, give us a call or ask us via Facebook and Twitter all about the offer ‘Mum cut my hair’ offer.

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