Kaizo Hair & Art 2012

We take it for granted but hair is an artistic expression of self – it says something about the person we are, or the way we want to be perceived. Whether that’s free-spirited beach babe, highly styled fashionista, or closely cropped hard nut, hair plays a leading role as it’s the item of clothing we never take off.

At Kaizo we trade in hair, and as one form of creative expression, we decided we should be doing more to help celebrate creativity and share great ideas.  That’s why we launched Kaizo Hair & Art, to showcase great artistic talent in a whole range of different media.

This year we’ve opened the salon up to:

Emma Godebska – a mixed media artist who works with found objects to explore relationships – those we have with ourselves, our companions and acquaintances, and the outside world.

Betty Bonhard – a talented London-based fashion and costume designer who sells her beautiful designs in Brick Lane’s Laden Showrooms and Dalston’s Saint Best Boutique.

DeMi – a conceptual artist who focuses on the production of naive portraits.  His trademark is the moon, which features in the majority of his paintings.

Charlotte Kessler of Lemonstone Art – a painter with particular emphasis on beauty and the feminine form.  One of her most popular series is ‘Long Ladies’, a collection of magical tall and slender whimsical women.

StudioLav – an impressive conceptual design studio who populated the salon to coincide with the London Design Festival.

Caroline Hartley – a painter who works with oxidized metals, crushed stones/trees, bee’s wax and chalks found at the bottom of lakes to create some fascinating paintings.

Chitra Karve of Karve Design – the artist who brought the 2012 Hair & Art series to a close with her geometric prints, and beautifully crafted leather jewellery and home ware.  Chitra’s work focuses on giving forgotten materials – such as maps, leather swatches, broken clock mechanics and old comics – a new lease of life.  She transforms them into something more beautiful.

Kaizo Hair & Art will be back even bigger and better in 2013 so stay tuned…


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