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Mum cut my hair

Remember those haircuts you had as a child? Some of us got away with only a neat trim, however some were not so fortunate…

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Now it’s your turn to treat your mum to the hair cut or treatment of her choice from now until Mother’s Day on 30 March 2014! Recommend your mum to Kaizo hair because for all she did, she did it for love. Both of you will receive 30% discount.

From the perfect bowl cut to the wonky fringe, here are some of the best (or worst!) ‘Mum cut my hair’ styles from the Kaizo team…

photo (1)   photo (2)Here’s our lovely Image Director and co-founder Yuka’s perfect bowl cut by her mum! Did you get the bowl cut treatment from yours? And what about the wonky fringe? Here’s Cecilia’s and she doesn’t look happy about it.




Here’s Jimmy looking awfully happy (or is that scared?!) of his childhood haircut! Possibly running away from mum… And a happy Ashley, looking proudly on with her bunches and wonky fringe!













Lastly a smiling Eleni. Well we would be if we had a perfect bob like that when we were younger! So join us on Twitter and Facebook and post your childhood haircuts! It’s about time we thanked mum for everything she did. Even if she wasn’t a skilled hairdresser!



So whether it’s a treatment before Sunday or a gift voucher for mum… pop in, give us a call or ask us via Facebook and Twitter all about the offer ‘Mum cut my hair’ offer.

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Quirky, colourful, psychedelic

These are the 3 words that our current Hair&Art artist would use to describe her work currently on display here in Kaizo. We thought there would be no better way to introduce you to Vicky Scott than through her own words. Read on to discover why an email from Paperchase was so important and where the characters in her work get their hair inspiration from!

When did you first realise you wanted to be an artist? I think I always wanted to be an artist! Probably from around the age of 5 I was going round saying that’s what I’d be when I grew up and it never really changed!

What’s been your most life-changing career experience to date? I think getting an email from Paperchase asking me to design some Christmas cards made me feel like I was being taken seriously and I was a real illustrator. It was my first commission too so gave me a big confidence boost too!

If you could be any other artist for a day who would you be? Really hard to choose I like so many artists work. I would have loved to be an artist working in the 60’s tho (so I could design record covers!) and Peter Max is one of my favourites.

What’s the best thing about displaying your work here in Kaizo? The fantastic location right in Old St and the huge glass window so that everyone who walks past can see the work.

Your characters always have amazing hair styles. Where do you get the inspiration from? A mixture of all era’s really, Marie Antoinette, photos from the 60’s and fashion illustrations from the 20’s
through rose tinted spectacles

Have you ever had any hairstyles that you regret? My hair has been virtually unchanged since I was a small child (brown bob with a fringe) so no! I regret not having any regrettable hairstyles though!

If I were a hairdresser I would… produce some very wonky haircuts! My haircutting skills are not that impressive.

There are so many great places to hang out in East London. Where’s your favourite place to eat or drink? I really like the electricity showrooms just across the road from the salon, love the eccentric décor, with old sewing machines as tables and the peacock made from lightbulbs. I like Broadway market too with all its one off shops, pubs and a London fields lido at the end of it.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you… I am rubbish at  giving or receiving directions. I can get around by memory and landmarks but will never be able to explain where somewhere is, so have spent a lot of time lost in East London!

Vicky’s work is on display until the end of the month. Find out more about Vicky’s World.



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Under the spotlight: semisumo from Bumble & bumble

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Bumble & bumble have added a little gem to their sumo range – semisumo.

It claims to be ‘strong on shine and soft on hold’ and that’s no lie. Not as heavy as a wax but thicker than a serum or oil, it’s the perfect antidote to frizzy or flyaway hair.  And being Bumble & bumble it has a lush scent too.

Whatever your hair type, run a pea-sized amount through dry hair to tame, define and add texture and shine without weighing it down. For medium to long hair use it after blow-drying to calm and tame frizz, and on short hair use it for detailing.  It’s also great for smoothing into an up-do for a high shine finish (check out the photos on our Facebook page).

Since the Bumble Artistic Team came to Kaizo to demo the new product we’ve loved playing with it.  It’s on the Kaizo shelves so ask our stylists to show you how to apply it and what shapes you can create with it.  For £21.50 you can take a pot away with you and wave goodbye to annoying flyaway strands!

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