Can You Prevent Grey Hair?

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Yes you can……According to L’Oreal, they are developing a pill that can prevent hair from going grey.

Not great news for hairdressers!

So how can this be good news for a hair colour developing company?

For the time being (While the pill is being developed) it is indeed a great form of PR/Marketing as L’Oreal will benefit from the attention of the media and the curiosity of the consumer. Once the pill has been fully tested and becomes available on the market, the product will surely come at a cost.

The pill will have to be taken once a day for a lifetime, which is raising concerns around the medical sector on its long term effects and side effects, not to mention that whoever does decide to use this pill to halt the greying process will need to start taking it before they turn grey as it cannot reverse the transaction.

Now we would like to ask you, would you be prepared to take a pill day after day for the rest of your life in order to prevent grey hair?

While waiting for the new technology to hit the market, we at Kaizo Hair Salon have decided to stick to our Schwarzkopf colour range.

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