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yuka&Lorenzo-smThe Story Behind

When co-founders Yuka Ito (Brazilian-Japanese) and Lorenzo Comparelli (Italian) first met in June 2001, they immediately knew they shared the same vision and passion for hairdressing.

They first met at Toni and Guy in 2001 where they became part of the Artistic Team.

They continuously nurtured and shared their passion towards hairdressing by teaching courses at the T&G Academy, presenting seminars, participating in hair shows but also by keeping a strong and loyal clientele in the salon.

Yuka and Lorenzo with their unlimited desire to learn and advance challenged each other’s limits and their visions emerged even stronger. Their ultimate aim was a hair salon where their distinctive style would have a place of its own.

In March 2005 this dream began to materialise. The perfect location for their inspired individualism was of course the creative hot spot – Shoreditch.

Yuka and Lorenzo both believe that the most worthy dreams are those that have been worked hard for.  And their dream was no exception… Kaizo hair salon opened its doors on 26th of June 2006.

The name “Kaizo” is an anagram of Yuka and Lorenzo’s name and in Japanese it means to customise or transform.

At Kaizo, people always come first whether that’s their clientele or their staff. They have created a hair salon with that exudes warmth, professionalism and above all style.

But this is just the beginning, Yuka and Lorenzo are confident that Kaizo will continue to transform and provide exciting hair experiences for years to come.

to be continued…